NMDSG studier

NMDSG driver ett antal kliniska studier. Nedan listas aktuella prövningar, för detaljer hänvisas till NMDS hemsida.

NMDSG10B. A multicentre open randomized phase II study of the efficacy and safety of azacitidine alone or in combination with lenalidomide in high-risk myeloid disease (high-risk MDS and AML) with a karyotype including del(5q). 

NMDSG08A. Clinical and biological evaluation of azacitidine in transfusion-dependent patients with low and intermediate-1 risk MDS, and low-risk CMML, who are either refractory to or not eligible for treatment with erythropoietin +/- G-CSF.  

EU MDS Registry. A prospective, multicenter European Registry for newly diagnosed patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes of IPSS low and intermediate-1 subtypes. (EU MDS Registry).