Assess your knowledge with the European Hematology Progress Test and prepare yourself for the European Hematology Exam

2020-11-03 00:00:00

Till alla ST läkare och handledare som är medlemmar i EHA. Testet öppet November månad ut. EHA erbjuder fn 50 % rabatt på medlemskap. För dig < 36 år endast 10 Euro!

The European Hematology Progress Test is a formative online learning tool designed to support trainees and early-career hematologists in expanding their knowledge in core hematology subjects. The test consists of 93 multiple choice questions and is considered to be the equivalent of a European Hematology Exam. Did you miss out on this year’s European Hematology Exam? Participate in the test now to uncover your knowledge gaps in hematology.

Upon completion of the test, you will see the correct answers with an explanation, including references for in-depth reading and studying. The test takes place twice a year, and is open for one month. This can be part of your preparation for the next European Hematology Exam.