Nytt forskningsanslag för internationella ASH medlemmar

2017-05-25 20:47:00

New Opportunities for International Members to Get Involved ASH Global Research Award

ASH provides numerous pathways for its growing international membership to

learn, develop, and engage with the Society. The recently launched ASH Global

Research Award supports future international scientific leaders and encourages global

collaboration. Hematologists will receive support between completion of training

and the establishment of their independent careers. The award also promises to be

accessible to individuals across geographical regions by ensuring applicants only

compete with those in their classification.

Applicants must be ASH International Associate Members (postdoctoral fellows who

reside outside of Canada and the United States with an MD or equivalent medical

degree in an approved hematology program, a related training program, or who are

medical school), Early Career ASH International Members (a scientist holding an MD or

PhD who has concluded their fellowship and is engaged in basic, translational, or clinical

research in hematology), or ASH Active and Associate Members who reside in Mexico.

The letter of intent submission deadline for this award is August 31, 2017, and the full

application must be completed by May 1, 2018. Applicants must submit proposals to

complete research in the following categories: basic research, translational research,

patient-oriented clinical research, and outcomes-based research. For additional eligibility

and application details, visit www.hematology.org/awards/career-training/7160.aspx.