ST-läkare, gör ''CV-survey''

2015-03-31 14:15:00

ST-läkare, gör "CV-survey" SFH och EHA arbetar för att öka kvalitén på ST i hematologi. Vi behöver din hjälp!

Participation to the European Competence Survey is still possible!

Help raising European hematology Standards and get your personal Online CV Passport!

Since the launch in October 2014, over 200 hematologists from 26 countries participated to the
European Competence Survey.



With the results of this survey, areas in hematology training and education needing further improvement can be identified. This information will provide evidence for those responsible for hematology training and education to further develop their program in targeted areas of need. Furthermore, the results of the survey will help reinforce the position of hematology in the political arena. Participation of hematologists in all European countries is important for significance at a European level.



As a participant, you will also benefit at an individual level. Your answers can be transferred to the personal Online CV Passport, which you can use to monitor personal competences, skills, and knowledge over time and compare these with other European hematologists.

Targeted participants for the competence survey are hematologists who recently completed their training and those at the end of their training.

To register for the survey, please click on the button:


If you are a senior hematologist, you can also support this important initiative, by disseminating the message amongst your colleagues/fellows. 

Thank you in advance for your invaluable input!

Kind regards,
The EHA Competence Survey team

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