Would you like to achieve excellence in designing and executing clinical trials?

2016-06-27 18:40:00


A 9-month-long unique training and mentoring experience focused on clinical research in Europe, with a global scope.

Who should apply?

You are a hematologist (usually below the age of 40), working at an academic center or a large community hospital that is known for running clinical trials. You have an interest in clinical science, proven by either having been involved as a co-investigator, in (co-)developing clinical trial protocols and/or by (co-)authorship of publications about clinical trials. Apply now!

Expert high quality, mentoring and skills training in clinical research

The program consists of two multi-day workshops at different locations in Europe and includes a variety of teaching and learning experiences, including selfdirected learning, one to one mentoring, plenary sessions and peer working groups, focusing on individual topics of interest and expertise. Establishing excellent relationships with co participants and faculty is guaranteed due to the program set up and ersonal

Program topics

Designing, setting up and executing a clinical trial, including statistical, regulatory, publishing and ethical matters that are relevant.
Dates & Location
  • Workshop 1: Oct/Nov 2016
  • Workshop 2: February 2017
  • Final CRTH meeting at EHA congress June 2017 Madrid (certification)

Apply now and get selected to be mentored and coached by leaders in clinical hematology research!

Application deadline August 1, 2016, 23:59 CEST
Notification of Awards after September 1, 2016